HELO LX Bracelet

Health and style on your wrist.

Wear the new generation of the first wellness Band on the market.

Monitor your heart rate, breath rate and much more, in real time.

Helo LX Wrist Monitor

Helo LX, released to the market at the end of January 2017!

Be the first of your friends to have this state-of-the-art wristband monitoring system.

Pair with your Android or iPhone with the Helo App and you have 24 hour recording, monitoring and storage of vital signs and other important indicators.

Remote monitoring of loved ones and the unique Panic Alarm feature provide protection for the everyone wearing a Helo Wristband.

Heo Features


About Helo

Beyond our habits, businesses, and passions, a new vision of the world is putting technology at the center of a new human evolution.

Technology is giving people greater opportunities than anyone ever thought possible.

Just in time for a new era of Technology where communication, miniaturization, human interaction, and biotechnology are becoming increasingly important for our daily life and health.

Do you know we are living in a tech revolution? You can play the part in one of the fastest growing markets ever.

The frontiers of health and technology are rapidly changing. The most important economic analysts and magazines are predicting that wearable technologies will be the next big thing by 2020.

Take a look at the forecast market value for wearable devices worldwide 2012-2018 (in billion U.S. dollars)*

You can own a slice of this huge market in 195 Countries around the world.

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Knowing Your Blood Pressure Levels

Although many people believe blood pressure remains stable throughout the day, it is actually a highly dynamic value that responds rapidly to changing conditions. For example, when you go to your doctor and walk into the exam room, your blood pressure will likely be a bit high. Blood pressure readings change over time and are usually impacted by …

Helo Wrist Monitor – Breakthrough in Health Monitoring – Order Today!

The Helo Wrist Monitor comes to market in March 2017 … reserve yours today and be one of the first of your friends and family to own this amazing device. HELO™ is a design and technological breakthrough,  which brings refined and elegant design and amazing  features to the Wearable Technology sector. This luxury product the …


Chad and Nattida Chong provide a testimonial about their success with World Global Network organization and Helo products.